The Essential Guide

The most compact, information-packed guide to helping your French Bulldog live it's best Frenchie life!

Life Tips for Happy Frenchies

Frenchie developmental challenges plus advice for keeping your French Bulldog safe, exercised and well-fed.

Health Information

The most important health conditions to watch out for, and tips to help your French Bulldog avoid them.

Packed with Frenchie Printables

Print out your Frenchie Checklist and your 12-month Frenchie Calendar filled with an adorable batpig for every month!

French Bulldog Tips

Key tips for your Frenchie's happiness, development and health in a compact format.

Frenchie Checklist

Make sure you're ready with the most important items for your Frenchie on hand...

Frenchie Calendar

A printable 12-month calendar featuring adorable French Bulldogs all year 'round!

What's Inside This Guide?

Get the indespensible information you need to know to help your Frenchie live it's best life:

Buying Guide

Learn about red flags to avoid when buying and the key tests ethical breeders of healthy, happy Frenchies perform.

Allergy Information

Find out which foods your Frenchie is most likely to be allergic to and the symptoms of food and seasonal allergies.

Safety Information

Did you know that most Frenchies sink in water, and that half of them can't cool down properly?

Insurance Information

A survey of worldwide insurance costs and an overview of the common, expensive conditions to insure against.

FREE Printable Checklist

Make sure you have everything you need to survive teething, potty training and more!

FREE Printable Calendar

A different Frenchie for every month of they year -- they dont get cuter than this!

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About the Author

Sabrina Dent and Frank Sinatra ♥

Sabrina Dent is a long-time dog lover and fosterer; former proprietor of a dog cafe; and a certified dog trainer. Frank Sinatra is a three-year-old special-needs rescue Frenchie who is living his best life as part of the family pack of smushy-faced dogs ♥